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I've finally gotten around  to doing some updating on this site -- added a few new images
and made some changes to some older images that I wasn't real satisfied with.  And started
cleaning up my files so this sort of thing won't be such a production next time.

Here are some examples.
I've always liked this image. Goes way back to when I was
just shooting slides. Now and then I'll make some minor
adjustments. This is the latest  version.
Rockscapes 21
I've been trying to reach you
Same story, basically
BC 33
(BC 7)
Phoenix II     
  (BC 6c)    
   The Secret
      (BC 93)
I've been doing quite a bit with the Bristlecone
Country (BC) series lately. Here are a couple of
additions and revisions.
Twilight, Navajo Country
This comes from an old, very low-quality slide. I've got
it looking about the way I want it, but I'd like to be able
to blow it up real big, and with its inherent low quality I
haven't come up with a way to pull it off. Lots of
possibilities to look into, but so far I'm just showing it at
around 8x12".
Still Life, Joshua Tree NP
(alt) Still life, JTNP
I've had this basic image around for quite
a while, just thought I'd try a different
A Quiet Place
From an old album snapshot. I never could get it looking quite right with
the usual "photo"-type adjustments, and after a while it occurred to me
that it wanted to be a painting. I don't like making imitation paintings, but
I tried taking it in directions I would take it if I were painting it, and that
seemed to work. Then printing it on canvas also seemed to move it in
the direction it wanted to go.
Moonrise, Mojave
I have several versions of this basic scene; this is my
preferred one right now.