Miscellany: Human handiwork
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Pueblo Bonito 1
Chaco Canyon, NM
Pueblo Bonito 2
Chaco Canyon, NM
Great Kiva 2
Chaco Canyon, NM
Walls, Pueblo Bonito
Northwest Colorado
Great Kiva 1
Chaco Canyon, NM
Passages 6
Passages 5b
Josie Bassett's Old Place
Northwest Colorado
Josie's Moved On
Guardian, Teotihuacan
Encounter: Felt History
Kachina Parade
Toledo 1963
Storm Brewing, Atitlan
Daley Ranch, Escondido
Where are you going?
Washington Monument 1
Spinnaker Run
I've Been Trying to Reach You
Photocliche 2012
Western Hospitality
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Old Whaling Station,
  Point Lobos
Fame, the Later Years
("Top Gun House")